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$50.00 USD
$15.00 Setup Fee
Automated Backup Solutions
removes tedious complexity from backing up data — while driving down costs. Using removable media like tapes to backup and restore data takes a lot of time and effort. Using tape, restoring even one file or e-mail message can take hours. Then there are the tape rotations and shipping...
Our Automated Backup Service offers an installation of onsite backups with cloud storage ($50 per month per 200GB) or private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site.
$750.00 USD
Dedicated Social Network Operation
verifying completion of schedule jobs, such as
backups, outgoing automated emails, &c.
managing the server
system administration
website performance
database management
Linux adminstration
maintaining system standards
assets management of videos and images
performing daily system montioring
verifying the integrity of all components of server resources and key processes
reviewing system and application logs
performing security system monitoring
performing daily back-up operations
maintaining site performance
repair and recover software failures
applying operating system and other software patches upgrades on a regular basis
perform periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning
$40.00 USD
Basic Membership

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